/ˈsɜfəs / (say 'serfuhs)

1. the outer face, or outside, of a thing.
2. any face of a body or thing: the six surfaces of a cube.
3. extent or area of outer face; superficial area.
4. the outward appearance, especially as distinguished from the inner nature: to look below the surface of a matter.
5. Geometry any figure having only two dimensions; part or all of the boundary of a solid.
6. Aeronautics an aerofoil.
7. of, on, or relating to the surface.
8. superficial; external; apparent, rather than real.
9. of, on, or relating to land and/or sea: surface travel.
verb (surfaced, surfacing)
verb (t)
a. to finish the treatment of (a surface) as by sanding, polishing, etc.: I have only to surface the table now.
b. to give a particular kind of surface to, as by applying a decorative laminate.
verb (i)
11. to rise to the surface.
12. Colloquial
a. to wake up.
b. to emerge at the end of a period of activity elsewhere.
c. to appear in public, as arriving at one's job.
13. Mining
a. to wash surface deposits of ore.
b. to mine at or near the surface.
14. to work on or at the surface.
15. below the surface, in one's deeper nature; beyond one's public persona.
16. on the surface, to all appearances.
17. scratch the surface, to go beyond superficial appearances to a deeper reality or truth.
{French, from sur- sur-1 + face face. Compare superficies}
surfacer, noun

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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